We have numerous art expositions. Some are products of our classes and some are pieces of local artists. In this space we also offer talks about things that help us understand the world better. Come see our neighborhood's creativity and learn with us. 

Cultural Center

This is a space that we offer for free for local artisans who need somewhere to sell from or who need to expand their network. Contact us to schedule a day and time for your "pop up" at VIVA.

Artisan Store

We have a ton of books we want to share. Come check out a book for up to one month completely free of charge.


Come study, work, read, or chat in our study space. We have wifi and the VIVA Café, where we serve delicious iced lattes.

Study Space

Here we have a space with games, a ping pong table, and a bunch of other fun things for you to spend your afternoon enjoying.

Youth Wing

We offer free counseling for individuals and families. Contact us to schedule a session.