Back to School


We want to start this post off with great news! Do you remember last post we introduced you to Tayane? Long story short, we went to a local school and talked to the principal and guess what?! She is now enrolled in school!

Isn't this so exciting! Stories like this make all the hard work worth it!

We are starting our courses in March with full classes. This is makes us excited about what we are doing. The community has understood what VIVA is and is participating in it.

We have two things for you to pray about:

1) We struggle financially to pay the simple bills that we have. Thankfully we don't pay rent but we have to pay for all the other necessities such as water, gas, electricity, internet, taxes, and material and supplies for the classes. We monthly have $600 (USD) in expenses. Not too much, but enough for us to struggle.

2) One of our kids just turned 18 and is going through some hard stuff with his family. His parents got divorced last year and it clearly impacted his life. We could tell the difference in his behavior, he was agitated, loud, and had very little patience. We've been working with him throughout this season and we can see improvement. He is looking for a job and dreams of going to college. We enjoy seeing how he is growing. There are somedays he just shows up and brings the younger kids with him to teach them, or play with them. Amazing! We love this kid! If you are interested in getting to know him a little better, please shoot us a message. I don't know much we can share on social media, but we would love to tell you more about him. I ask prayers for his life and if you have the desire consider helping us to pay him a salary working here at VIVA or helping him to go to school. All 4 years of college would cost $8.000 (USD).

We thank you so much for following us and keeping up with the great things that are happening at VIVA. Hope we can see you here soon!