Happy Easter!

It's been so exciting to see how VIVA is going above and beyond classes. We want to tell you a little bit about how VIVA is doing more than just education in our community.

This past week we registered 4 families to start our Counseling Program in April. This is fantastic! Parents and kids will have a chance to have dialog and build a more structured relationship. We are pumped about that!

On Wednesday, our group was so big that we have no idea how we were able to fit everyone in one small classroom! We talked about dreams and we used a book called An Awesome Book by Dallas Clayton (a very talented artist) to show how people may dream about weird stuff but that we should always dream big. Then we told the story of Joseph from the Bible and how his dreams became reality.  After that we all drew our dreams up on canvases and hung them up on the wall and talked about how their dreams are VIVA's foundation from now on.

Also on Thursday night we had a group coming to talk about the power of community and how it is good to be "place" for somebody or to find "place" in somebody. Sometimes we get lost or are unforgiven and need somewhere to go. A "place" is that safe ground that could be an actual space or a hug or even a word. Everyone had great thoughts to share during that sacred moment.

On Good Friday, we took 20 people (including youth and parents) to a walk to reflect on the death of Christ. We joined a big group to read, sing, and pray together.

Today is also April's fool, right? So guess what?! We were pranked. Tayane - we've shared her story before - sent us a message saying that she got kicked out of school because she punched her teacher. Honestly and unfortunately this wouldn't be surprising knowing her past. And in the message she said so many good things about how VIVA is helping her to change and she thought she had hope but then she couldn't see it anymore, that she was a disaster and all of that. And we told her to come see us in the morning tomorrow so we could talk. Ten minutes later she said it was an april's fool joke. WE LOVED IT, you can imagine, right?

But we are so glad that we can see the difference that VIVA is making in our community. It is powerful to see that our classes are becoming a means to reach out to families. Our next goal is to start developing our local business. Join us for the ride!