New Classes, New Programs, New Campaign!


First, we need to apologize. The past 3 weeks have been crazy. Good reason though! And here is the reason why we are posting blog!

April hasn't even started but we have so many good things happening. Get ready!

We start next month with eight, yes EIGHT new classes! Yeah, you read it right. Eight is more than what we have so far. That means we are finishing the semester with 15 different classes. Isn't this amazing? This means a lot to us because we feel that the community understands what VIVA is and is ready to offer their gifts to others. 

Second, we are starting two programs, one is tutors and the other is counseling. Tutors program is offered to all students who want a more specific help in a certain area or subject. For example, If someone comes to us needing help with saving money, then we connect this student with an economist. Got it? The counseling program is offered for parents and kids. We developed this program because we realized many if not most of the kids who come to VIVA have divorced parents and we clearly see how that impacts those kids. So, 3 psychologists volunteered to take 3 families to help in the relationship between parents and kids. 

Third, this week we launched our new campaign! We want to fill VIVA with books. Any kind. We believe that reading is magical. It increases creativity, our language abilities, and takes us away from irrelevant stuff. We already got some donations which is super exciting, but even more exciting is the fact that some of the new classes have to do with it. In one class starting in April we will read a book and turn into a play. Another class will teach people all about building and construction by building the bookshelves for the VIVA library. Exciting, right?!

Also, every Friday of April we will offer free lunch for the kids and teens as they go to school or come back from it. It is a good time to share a meal and help the parents saving some time. 

No updates on the donations from outside of Brazil issue, but soon we will come up with an idea. Just think and pray about you being part on this too. 

We have so many other stories that we can't wait to share. We see each other soon!