Seems like forever that we have been praying about VIVA's next step. We've seen so much growth in VIVA's first couple of years and we were feeling like our lack of space in the current VIVA house was hindering any further growth. We want more and more people to be blessed by VIVA, but we had far exceeded our capacity in our current house.

About a month and a half ago we started looking for options. The first building that caught our eye was a church building right around the corner from where VIVA is now. This was important to us because we have grown roots in this neighborhood and if we moved too far we would lose connection with some super important members of the VIVA community. We went to tour the space and we immediately were SO excited. There are 5 classrooms (over double what we have now), two large open spaces (perfect for our Tuesday night class), a kitchen, multiple bathrooms, and space to host summer interns. It seemed to be exactly what we needed. We could imagine a specific purpose for every room we walked into. It was perfect. Until we heard the price. Rent FAR exceeded our monthly budget. We told them the price that we would be able to handle and then we left thinking we would never hear back from them.

We looked at a couple of warehouses in the area, but everything we found would require a ton of construction to make it a space that we could use for our purposes. We looked into a few houses in the area but didn't find anything bigger than the house we're in now. We prayed for God to show us the next step. Nothing. We prayed that whatever was supposed to work out would work out and that we could trust Him through whatever that may be. Nothing. Then, last week, we prayed for the first time that He would give us THAT building. The perfect one that had everything we needed/wanted/dreamed.

And then He did. On Monday, we signed the papers to rent THAT building for 2 years at a HUGELY discounted price. The owner is even interested in selling it to us, and he is allowing us to use these next 2 years of rent to go towards a purchase if we decide we want it. God is SO good.

Two nights ago, we started a new series in our Tuesday night class called "Caminhos" or "Paths". So many of our students are at critical turning points in their lives so we are talking about how we deal with big decisions, how we handle the unknown, and how we sometimes have to just continue walking in blind faith. For our opening night of the series, we took them to the new VIVA and surprised them with this huge next step. We jumped and screamed and cried and it was beautiful.

So THANK YOU for your support and all you have done to turn our unknown into a clear and tangible next step. Your support, through both donation and prayer, is what makes this work possible. We are learning so much about God's provision through our awesome supporters like yourself and we are beyond excited about the good things coming for VIVA.

Let's keep making moves for the Kingdom together, I feel like it's working out well.