The Photo Expo

Atualizado: 29 de jul. de 2019

VIVA seems to be in the spotlight right now. The city of Itu is seeing value in what is happening here and they are reaching out and participating and even getting plugged in to our church family as a result and it is so exciting!

Recently, our photography class had an exposition at City Hall! For their final project, the students went to "Comarei", a recycling cooperative that works to normalize and facilitate recycling in our city. They took pictures there and then composed an exhibition using only recycled materials. SO. COOL. Here's some of their work that was displayed:

And here are the students with their amazing professor, Débora Melo:

I was blown away by their hard work and so were a lot other people - VIVA has been in the newspaper a few times just these past couple of weeks! Join us in praying for good connections that work towards equal opportunity and peace.

On top of all this excitement, Camp Roots is coming soon! As I explained in my last post, the VIVA kids who are going to camp have been busy fundraising. They put together a block party, a car wash, and a yard sale to help pay their camp fees. Now they're selling pasteis, one of my favorite Brazilian snacks, and I think I might be personally funding each and every one of their camp dues with just my purchases....they're truly so delicious (and all the kids know I can't say no). Carioca and I will be group leaders at camp and we can't wait to receive all the campers and encourage them in their journey.

Life is fun here, y'all. Come visit.