We're Back!

Hi VIVA friends,

After a long winter (even though winter in Brazil is a 100 degrees) we are here to tell you everything that happened in the past month. Carioca and Joab were in the States for 10 weeks and helped the Highland Church of Christ with the youth during this time. Meanwhile in Itu, some volunteers managed the classes at VIVA and the Friday lunches.

In the States, the youth made designs on cups and plates as a service project for one of the retreats. The VIVA students felt so honored when they received the gifts. They loved seeing their names and the names of the American kids and the words of encouragement written on the cups and plates. 

Highland kids, Joab, and Carioca went back to Brazil, where Carioca would lead the classes with David Sessions (Highland Youth Minister) for Camp Roots, a bilingual camp for the youth in Brazil and America organized by the church in Itu. 

During Camp Roots, some of the campers came to VIVA to help promote the classes for next semester and to organize the books on the new shelves that VIVA students made in the Construction class. Some of the students heard there were Americans at VIVA and they came to hang out with them. 

After Camp Roots, some of the VIVA students participated at CURA which is a medical campaign that happens in Itu, to offer free medical assistance to the neighborhood in need.  In August, VIVA is starting new classes and we want to thank you, for your generosity in supporting VIVA in so many ways. Because of your help, many kids, teens, and adults have a chance to be reached and to be offered an opportunity to choose to live a more fulfilling life. Part of VIVA's vision is to develop this neighborhood economically. Soon we will offer business consulting for the small businesses and for people who want to start their own business. A team of finance, marketing, and HR professionals are going to help the local businesses to offer a better service, treat their employees well, and improve their profitability.  If you are interested to see what is to come for VIVA and this neighborhood, please support us through @vivarelevante on Venmo.