Welcome to the VIVAblog

Atualizado: 3 de jun. de 2019

Hello all! Welcome to our VIVAblog. Here we hope you can learn more about what God is doing in Itu (Sao Paulo, Brazil) through the community of the Jardim Novo Itu neighborhood.

In 2018, VIVA opened its doors to reach out to the community and spread the love of God throughout this neighborhood. VIVA is a center for relevant education, which means we are teaching topics that are important throughout life but that haven't been taught previously in school or at home. We are not waiting until life hits us hard, leaving us unable to handle challenges and changes. Instead we are creating a safe and welcoming community to share our knowledge and offer wisdom so that we can face life thoughtfully and confidently as it happens.

Many of you never had contact with topics like finances, emotional intelligence, medicine, illnesses, nutrition (and the list goes on) until you were adults, right? And when you had to face them you didn't know what to do and you kind of just had figure it out on your own. And you have probably struggled, right?! Well, that's why VIVA came to life. We are helping kids, teens, young adults, and adults learn skills that will help them succeed and enjoy life as it happens. Our classes are set up to have a variety of ages and experiences, understanding that everyone has something to offer and contribute and that everyone can learn from each other, regardless of their ages.

Now in February, we are offering the following classes:

- "I think therefore I eat" (nutrition)

- "Cement, Brick, and History" (history through arts)

- "Save the piggy bank" (finance)

- "Doctor and patients" (medicine)

We already have some other classes planned to start in March in the areas of spirituality and nutrology, and making good decisions through chess.

We are excited to be able to shorten the distance between Itu and the rest of the world with this blog! Thanks for all the feedback. It is going to be awesome to walk alongside you all. Today we started our registrations and already have the first students signed up! This is such exciting news. We are looking forward to seeing this house full of people interested in gaining some cool knowledge, aren't you?