Today we want to give you a tour of VIVA, but first of all don't forget to subscribe to receive our updates!

This is our mural outside. Fun fact is that our neighbor who owns a thrift shop next door told us that her store started to get more visitors after we made this colorful wall! This makes us happy because one of our goals is to develop our local economy! Success!

When you walk in, the first thing you will see is our reception, also very colorful - continuing the same visual communication as outside. Here, is where one of our groups meet up every Wednesday, where registrations are made, and people come hang out too!

The next room is my favorite, it is the kitchen - not only because there's food all the time - because here several classes will be taught. In April, we will have a class called "Bread and Religions" where we will learn how to make bread and understand why it is so crucial in many religions, such as Christianity. Fun, huh?!

We are skipping the tour in the bathroom - no classes will be held there. We hope! But you can take a look in our 2 classrooms. These are very comfortable and inviting rooms. We wanted a very informal and less-school-looking environment. Some people say this could be a movie theater room. Guess we nailed it!

This is it! We are glad you got to see a little bit more of VIVA today. Our doors are open to have you here IN PERSON! See you next post - don't forget to subscribe!