Hey there!

We are so excited! Here's why:

1) Today we start our very first class "De médico e louco" ("Of doctor and crazy" - understanding medicine from a medical perspective but also looking at the home remedies we hear about that might actually have some truth to them). We have a full class and no more room. Success! We can't wait to show you some pictures of it soon.

2) We had our opening block party this past Friday, which was UNBELIEVABLE! We had so many people coming. Over 200 people from the neighborhood! Amazing! Way more than what we could've expected. In that day not only the neighborhood and friends got to know more about VIVA, but we also got people signing up for classes, and some financial offers. TOTAL success! You can check all of the pictures on our facebook page www.facebook.com.br/vivarelevante. We wish that you could have been here too...

3) We like to keep a good relationship with the kids in the neighborhood to follow up with them and see their growth. This week we want to introduce you to Tayanne. She is a 15 years old teenager with a vibrant and loud personality. She's been out of school for a whole year but dreams of being a doctor. We went to ask a regular school to accept her this year, but her reputation isn't the best and they are giving her a hard time. But we are happy to have her starting classes here! Tayanne started our "Do peão ao rei: como tomar decisões class (From the pawn to the King: how to make good decisions - trough chess) and we are enjoying together seeing how similar our lives can be to a chess game. We can already see her improving in her decision making skills. She is starting to participate much more in our classes and is noticeably more helpful at home and in all interaction she has.

4) Soon we will make available a bank account to receive donations from outside of Brazil. Please, be praying and considering helping us out financially. Every penny counts!