World Cup Fever!

Hello VIVA friends! This week we are all excited because the WorldCup has started! Today our group got together around a very tiny TV screen to celebrate Brasil's game! As usual as on Fridays, we cooked together and had some fun.

This week is also our final class for the semester before we give a break for other opportunities in our community, such as a bilingual camp for teenagers a medical campaign to serve the people who have no conditions to pay for private medical assistance. We are very excited for the this first year at VIVA. We finish this first round with 62 students, 14 courses, 21 volunteers, many donors, and a lot of things to share and learn. 

In August, we start a new semester and there is so much to live. We have already planned some of the class and let us introduce you to Lindsie Lawson. She is a ESL certificate and is spending 6 months in Brazil to serve our community. She is teaching English and Spanish to the students at VIVA next semester before she goes to Malasia on a Mission trip for 10 months. We know that her abilities will benefit our community as a whole and we are thankful for her.

We love the people who are willing to help VIVA and you can join us in this mission through donations.